Is my investment safe in Pluang?

Your investment in Pluang is secure because:

Pluang is registered and supervised by BAPPEBTI or OJK that acts as financial services and economic sector regulators in Indonesia.

Mutual fund investments in Pluang is safe because they are managed directly by investment managers and funds will be held by OJK-licensed custodian banks. Moreover, the custodian bank is responsible for supervising the fund manager in managing the investors’ investment funds that have been deposited. Which means your money will remain secure in the event of Pluang ceases operations.

Your individual deposits will be separated from other users.

Pluang has a strong cybersecurity and double protection for your sensitive information.

Pluang Emas powered by PT Pluang Emas Sejahtera is licensed and supervised by BAPPEBTI
Saham AS, Micro E-Mini S&P 500 Index Futures, Micro E-Mini NASDAQ 100 Index Futures powered by PT PG Berjangka is licensed and supervised by BAPPEBTI
Pluang collaborating with PT PG Berjangka, Pialang Berjangka with PALN permission by BAPPEBTI, offeting traded stocks on NASDAQ and NYSE
Aset Kripto powered by PT Bumi Santosa Cemerlang is registered in BAPPEBTI
Pluang Reksa Dana powered by PT Sarana Santosa Sejati (Pluang Grow) who is licensed as Agen Penjual Efek Reksa Dana (APERD) and supervised by OJK.

In the event of force majeure, what will happen to my money and Pluang?

All of your invested funds will be forwarded to officially licensed authorities through procedures in accordance with applicable regulations. Pluang ensures that all invested funds cannot be accessed by Pluang employees and all transaction processes are automated. This ensures the security of your investment in Pluang.

Who are the people behind Pluang?

Pluang is a company founded by Claudia Kolonas and Richard Chua, both Masters of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

With Claudia’s experiences in leading many projects & deals related to financial services in Indonesia on behalf of Celebes Capital, and Richard's experiences in Google’s Executive Strategy Team focusing on fintech and emerging markets, Pluang is established to transform the financial management of people in Indonesia with easy access to investment.

This mission is also supported by our reliable investors, such as Accel Partners, Square PEG, GO Ventures, Openspace Ventures, UOB Venture Management, SIG Ventures, BRI Ventures, and acclaimed musician The Chainsmokers.

What makes Pluang Plus different?

Pluang Plus helps you to invest in a wide selection of assets by providing exclusive support. A range of exclusive programs, offers and rewards are tailored to help you achieve your financial goals for investors with a minimum investment capital of
Rp100.000.000 (one hundred million Rupiah).

How to become a Pluang Plus Member?

To be part of Pluang Plus, you must have a total investment capital in Pluang of Rp100 million and above. Investment capital is the total amount of money you put into Pluang.

Are there any additional fees when being a Pluang Plus Member?

There is no additional fee to be part of Pluang Plus. Instead, you will get many additional benefits as a Pluang Plus Member.

I already have the total investment value as required but why haven't I received any benefits as a Pluang Plus Member?

Please, contact us regarding your membership status at (021) 8063 0065 or email to [email protected] on Monday–Friday, 09.00–18.00 WIB.

As a Pluang Plus Member, what will happen if my total investment capital is under Rp100.000.000?

You will be given 7x24 hours to maintain your investment capital to Rp100.000.000. You can still access all Pluang Plus benefits during this period.

Where are Pluang offices located?

Pluang has operational offices in three different countries: Indonesia, Singapore, and India with the sole objective to serve our customers best.